Hashtag Learning: Our response to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Like many people in education, the team at Hashtag Learning are following developments of the COVID-19 situation and our Government’s guidance and response.

At the time of writing, the majority of Scottish schools remain open and exams are still due to be held in May-June. However, we recognise there will likely be significant disruption to classroom teaching and student attendance over the coming weeks and months.

The Hashtag Learning team is made up of current and former teachers and school leaders, and we strongly believe that supporting schools and learners during this challenging time is our priority.

We have therefore taken the decision to offer our ACHIEVE Study Toolkit for the National 5 and Higher curricula free of charge to all Scottish schools, teachers and students until the end of this academic year.

What is ACHIEVE?

ACHIEVE is a study toolkit for Scottish National 5 and Higher exams and covers 11 of the most common SQA subjects. It can be used both in school and remotely.

Students create individual accounts so they can:

  • Review detailed breakdowns of their courses, with key content and learning objectives
  • Complete a self-assessment against each topic to highlight areas of high and low confidence
  • Follow links to past paper questions & solutions and free external resources (eg, BBC Bitesize)
  • Watch video tutorials with advice on study and revision strategies

The Teacher Portal enables teachers to:

  • See their students’ progress through each course
  • Review students’ confidence levels for each topic area
  • Identify areas where students require additional support

Subjects: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing Science, Business Management, Modern Studies, Geography, History  and Music.

How to Sign Up

Schools and teachers and students can sign up here.

For more information visit our website.